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Soft tissue implants

7-10 December 2023


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7-10 December 2023
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Super Dent Premium Education has the pleasure of inviting you to a theoretical-practical training session held in Romania by dr. Dr Ricardo Kern from Brazil. Join us on december 7-10, 2023, as you will be exploring from A to Z the soft tissues contour planing and execution, Ricardo will share his know-how on obtaining perfect gingival cosmetics; his combination of periodontal surgery skill and understanding of prosthodontics is extraordinary. Bring your soft tissue surgery up to date in 2023!

Capital Plaza, Bucharest

DAY 1 – Perfect harmony of soft tissue over a bright smile
14:00 – 21:00

Course Introduction:

  • The pink and white aesthetic balance philosophy
    Basic concepts for digital planning on KeyNote

Hands-on (part 1):

  • Digital Planning: “thinking pink” based on the workflow of full maxila CLP and full maxila gingival recession coverage

Immediate Implants Immediate Temporization:

  • Physiology of periodontal/peri-implant tissues – Long term issues.
  • Implant selection and 3D positioning
  • Provisionalisation, concepts and design
  • Soft tissue grafting technique for fresh sockets
  • Working variables to recover papilla
  • Workflow for partial and full arch rehabilitation cases:Workflow for partial and full arch immediate cases
  • Cases presentation discussion
  • Surgical Execution
  • Handling of the anatomical temporary for tissue conditioning
  • Impression Execution
  • Excel Laboratory communication
  • Gingival impression Index
  • Gingival Conditioning Cast
  • Gingival Impression Index: “How to perfect lab transfer the anatomy of conditioned tissue to cast”

DAY 2 – Building up soft tissue Day
9AM : 6 PM

Hands-On (part 2):
Dento-alveolar Reconstruction on edentulous site and on aesthetically compromised dental implant areas:

  • Hard tissue approach/grafting
  • Flap Design
  • Tunneling
  • Connective Palatal Flap
  • Harvesting muco gingival grafts
  • Grafting colour compromised implant area
  • Temporisation design for graft resolution on gingival recession dental implant areas

Hands-on (part 3):

  • Management of mucogingival tissues and sutures
  • Temporisation design for graft resolution on givgival recession
  • Dental Implant areas

DAY 3 – Anatomy, histology, and Physiology of the periodontal complex;Periodontal phenotype, classification of defect, and etiology
9AM : 6 PM

Hands-on (part 4)

  • Refinement and precision of incisions for donor areas;
  • Donor area approach: Pros and cons of each type of graft and post-surgical treatment;
  • Sub-epithelial, Free Gingival, and Tuber: applying the thickness control technique – Window Technique.

“Success criteria for root coverage. The checklist of factors you need to comply with for predictability of results in root coverage”

Hands-on (part 5)

  • Design of incisions in Coronally Advanced Flap;
  • Design of Incisions for treatment of Multiple Sites
  • Desing of incisions for lateral flaps

“The Layering Technique: All the insights about how the site preparation influences performance, thickness, keratinization, mucogingival line relocation, and aesthetic “blending” results from universal use in mucogingival grafts”

9AM : 6 PM

Hands-on (part 6):

  • Tunneling
  • CAF
  • Lateral Pedicle
  • Doble papilla and Modified Lateral Tunnel flap
  • Modified Vista
  • Suturing refinement
  • Stabilization of grafts, and sutures.

“Flowchart for choosing the surgical technique. Analysis of defects and clinical objectives – Volume, keratinization, coverage”

Hands-on (part 7):

  • FGG